Free Joomla Templates from Joomlashack

I was excited to come across a recent blog post about free Joomla templates, and their quality. Excited because Joomlashack managed to snag not just the #1 for Jamba, but also the #4 spot for Optimus!

Of course, having people validate how great you think your stuff is is great and all, but with respect to the free templates, I was especially pleased.

Joomlashack takes its free templates very seriously. We don’t consider them commercial link-bait, or poor quality PR engines. Since 2005 we have seen our free templates as our contribution to the community. In fact, we have 14 free templates available, 18 if you include the Joomla Template Tutorial ones, and only 14 commercial ones! Not only that, the quality is top-notch, what many expect from a commercial template, for example:

"Best free template around. I can’t believe that it is for free."

Grab a free template from Joomlashack, and give your site an edge :)