Joomlashack University’s Birthday Offer

I know how to teach people Joomla….

  • In 2006 I offered free tutorials on my blog It’s had hundreds of thousands of visitors… but that wasn’t enough.
  • In 2007 I published a book “Joomla – A User’s Guide”. It’s still the best selling book on Amazon with more positive reviews than ALL other books put together… but that wasn’t enough.
  • In 2008 I ran face-to-face classes for Joomla. People loved the low student ratio and ability to ask questions… but that wasn’t enough.
  • In 2009 I released a DVD version of my book. It’s got over 10 hours of narrated videos and shows step by step guides… but that wasn’t enough.

As well as a Joomla-head, I am also a certified teacher. I have taught classes in high school and at the graduate level, and spent the last years of my career teaching teachers how to develop coherent curriculum. It wasn’t until I looked at learning Joomla through my teacher eyes that I realized that each of the 4 ways I just mentioned doesn’t cut it.

You need a deliberately designed learning path. Just slapping up loads of tutorials or videos (a common occurrence) is poor teaching. You need a coherent sequence of learning that helps you build on basic ideas as you get more advanced. We use our real teaching experience and curriculum expertise to give you exactly that.

You need up to date lessons. My book was great, but extensions like K2 were not even around when it was published. You need instructors who respond to requests and shape new material around what you want to learn. We are adding new lessons based on student feedback and the course is growing all the time, and new courses are included in your subscription price!

You need carefully crafted lessons. Did you know for a hundred bucks you can buy 50 odd hours of Joomla instructional videos to put up on your “Joomla learning site”. Did you know they suck?
When I look around at other offerings, I see lots of sites that want to be able to boast of the hours of video they have, and they focus on quantity not quality. It takes us 16 hours to create just 30 minutes of finished video. I kid you not, that isn’t a typo! Our expertly narrated video is simply the best out there.

You need a rich environment to ask questions. The great part of a face-to-face classroom is the opportunity to ask questions when you don’t understand something. Asking questions is a critical part of learning. At Joomlashack University, not only do you get access to a private student forum where there are thousands of posts and questions being answered, but this is part of our bigger forum. Its one of the biggest forums on Joomla in the world – over 50,000 posts by over 125,000 members! Its the ultimate resource to get help from a massive Joomla community – unmatched by any other training site out there!

My goal for Joomlashack University is to be the Gold Standard for learning Joomla in the comfort of your own home. I want to spread the use of Joomla far and wide – by making it easier than ever before to learn how to use it.

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Joomlashack University has Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Lessons to teach you all the basics AND the inside secrets, tips & advanced tricks that Joomla pros use to build their own successful Joomla websites. It’s all revealed in easy to absorb video tutorials that let you watch and learn at your own pace.

Learn to install & use Joomla and its most popular extensions–like JomSocial, K2 and more!

Dozens of lessons await you right now–and we’re constantly adding new lessons, so you can keep up to date with the latest Joomla developments.

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