The Open Source Web Design Toolbox

The open source model
has, over the last 20 years, proven that collaborative development is
one of the best ways to incorporate the newest ideas and latest
concepts into design.

In fact, the open source model, which
began with programmers, has been so successful that it is currently
being applied in government, media, education and private business. But
despite these new applications, the unique combination of the open
source model with the universalism of web design remains one of the
ideal applications of open source. This pervasiveness of the open
source spirit in web design now means that you can use open source
software to design both graphics and your CSS and HTML, and you can
also use the dozens of reliable open source code resources or thousands
of web design templates to base your own designs on. In this article we
highlight 100 open source web design templates, resources, and tools.

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