When is getting Slashdotted not Getting Slashdotted

Overall it seems that the book got a favorable review, which is nice to see:

Joomla! A User’s Guide is a logically organized and potentially quite valuable resource for beginning and intermediate Joomla developers — perhaps the best Joomla book currently available.

I especially liked some of the comments I read…..

I thought Joomla was a robotic vacuum cleaner.

What do you know? I bet you’ve never even seen a hippopotamus, let alone heard one fart underwater.

It’s a book about using an open source cms and …….. I’m supposed to BUY this?

“CMS” will always stand for the “Conversational Monitoring System” component of VM/370, VM/SP, VM/ESA, etc.

Ahhhh…. comment humor…..!