Why Do a Rally? – The Caribbean 1500

Why do a rally and why the Caribbean 1500? I was recently asked this by the website All At Sea Southeast magazine (www.allatsea.net). Here is what I came up with! 1. How did you get interested in sailing as part of a rally? And, in sailing with kids? You have a boat, and are making […]

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Installing Air-Only Ventilators

The Tartan 41 is known as an offshore racer, and as such, its design doesn’t feature many holes in the deck, to make sure its secure from green water. For most cruisers at anchor however, these holes in the deck are otherwise known as ventilation. Despite her racing heritage, Alchemy will be spending most of […]

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Going Feral

With just a few months to go before we leave, I’ll admit to sometimes lying awake in the middle of the night anxious about some aspect of our year in the Caribbean. In no particular order, things that have caused night time sweats include: going offshore for the first time, being responsible for the safety […]

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Is a Safety at Sea Seminar Worth it?

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah and I attended a Safety at Sea Seminar. It’s a full day US Sailing Sanctioned Seminar and designed to meet the Safety at Sea requirements for the Newport to Bermuda Race, sponsored by the Storm Trysail Foundation. Coincidentally, the one we attended was also on the same day as […]

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Stop Gear Sliding with Tree Frog Pads

One of the biggest problems with sailing is that a lot of the time, you spend life at 20-30 degrees askew. We have a big strap in the galley to keep our cook in one place, but nothing like that to keep our laptop from sliding off the table. I have been pondering some kind […]

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